Musician & Illustrator

Rori Shapiro


I was born, so they tell me, on a cold January day, when rock and roll was really rock and roll. Ever since I picked up a guitar I've been trying to recreate and add a little something new to those songs and artists that first caught and held my musical imagination. Having no formal musical education, I decided to study music at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, thus enabling me to play at multiple clubs and venues across the Merseyside. Those include but are not limited to: The Cavern Club, The Jacaranda, The Ye Olde Cracke, BBCs Songer/Songwriter showcase etc. Once back in the USA I continued to play out at venues like: CBGBs, The Bitter End, the Bottom Line, The Town Crier, The Georgetown Saloon, Webster Hall, Ridgefield Idol and more. Two albums have followed my return home. Both were recorded at the delightful Guitar Hangar Studios with the brilliant Rick Tedesco handling engineering and lead guitar roles. All instruments baring drums and keyboards were played by yours truly. I hope you enjoy what you hear and see here, and if you are move to, purchase this music and come out to see me when and wherever I may be.
Thank you and all the best,